Oct 25, 2016

Converging Idea of Bonus Money

I really don't get that idea of bonus even if i have been living by that for most of my employment history.As an employee, it hardly makes a sense to me to be promised a sum of future money for what is my regular duty.Not that I dont like additional money , I want that additional money paid as my fixed monthly incumbments. Somewhere in my mind there is an idea that tells me that Bonus is a form of suspicion that certain individual or company may not perform it's duty so let's cover our risks.

I must say that to my own standards I am exceptional at performing my duties and its only my boss who fail to recognize my efforts. Sometimes he is the one who belittle my performance to save his own Ass. Having said that, its not unusual for my peers to put me in a category of people who get those grades which put an impressive claim on all Bonus.

Conversely , from an employers perspective this seems true to me.If I ever had a chance to run a company and deciding over the wages of those who agree to work with, I would not be happy in a ridiculous position where baby has been given a candy and you'll have to face difficulties in getting it out. But there are feeble chances of me being running a company and when my prospective employees read this article , those feeble chances will also be mowed down.
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Oct 18, 2016

Watching Offshoots grow Rapidly

One of the greater joy is to watch offshoots grow rapidly!
Himalayan Fern offshoots swinging!
O is for offshoots
                                                         Linked to: ABC Wednesday
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Oct 13, 2016

Bollywood Names Nicknamed

Wondered what will lexically blending the names and surnames of bollywood stars yield? Well , some of them are really interestingly funny and you must take a look -   (#Lexical Blending)

Anil Kapoor a.k.a. #AnKa
Sonam Kapoor aka #SOKA

Shahid Kapoor #ShaKa
Akshya Kumar a.k.a. #AkKu

Sonakshi Sinha a.k.a. #SoSi
Prachi Desai #Prade

These are the best ones --

Farhan Akhtar #Farak
Kareena Kapoor #KaKa
Amitabh Bacchan a.k.a. #Amba
Shahrukh Khan #Shak

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Oct 12, 2016

Oct 7, 2016

India Retaliates : Surgical strikes

An interesting read on blog Curation space

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Oct 4, 2016

Aar Paar Bihar

Bihar achievement
These are some statistical figures which only a non- Bihari can truly understand. Bihar-ite may call it a profanity to get into numbers when they believe that being educated can actually negate your chances of being at a prime position such as deputy head of the state.
The simple interpretation tells that the population growth is big time outnumbering the literacy growth rate but what’s the number do not tell that despite of not promoting literacy and education, Bihar had achieved so much from it weaknesses . Large outflow of skilled workers to other countries where they work as expat is prime example of it. In recent scenario , the achievements range from corruption , Robberies , Kidnapping and loots to the level that these are projected as symbols of governance.

From this society echoed some of the biggest ideas which changed the world. 

History suggest that once the state was home for many intellectuals. Ramdhari Singh Dinkar , Dr. Rajendra Prasad , Jayprakash narayan and Bisimillah Khan are few name the state can boast to have produced. Compare them with new line of leaders, Artists , Authors and you are bound to fancy yourself in a mild state of trauma .

It is just not the leadership or artists , the constant line of thought By earning a tag of backward state , now they claim to have earned the right to get lots of money from national treasury as “ Special category state “.

Indeed it is a fool’s world!

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