Jul 12, 2016

An emotional reply of a guy to a girl who left him in the middle of a chat session

I think the gesture you showed may be quite simple ( as u think ) but the fact remains that it still is pretty unintelligible for me.
I really cant u'stand the way you left (from chat).. what in this world made you to do that?
May b u liked to make me feel dejected ( which is least likely) and you may find a lot of excuses with several punchline just to prove again that misbehavior has never been on your part and than its easy to prove anything to a dumb-headed like me .
I feel I was treated as a trash box which could hold your emotions until they started overflow. Time for you to find another box. I'm permanently non-reusable now.
Best of luck and may you find me again while I pay heed to your attention!

The world is still beautiful..Isn't it?

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