Apr 25, 2016

Unearthing Waste disposal model in emerging countries

The Earth 
Probably and by far is the most suitable planet known to humankind capable of nurturing countless species. 
While the humankind searches for other places having possibility of living, unfortunately Mother earth is largely left to observe her depleting capability to nurture. 
Increased level of pollution, limiting water reserves, global warming and misbalanced ecosystems are not newly raised concerns. 
Unfortunately, a lot has been sought off and very little is put into action. Lack of proper waste disposal systems is major problem and largely acknowledged in developing countries. In case of developed countries and some other, proper waste disposal model have been sought off and implemented too (with ever increasing cases of litter bugging), these still developing economies still don’t care for the need of any of this. For example industrially emerging countries like India and China; either have no working waste disposal model or it has been sidelined in many of cases. Clearly there is a case of moral insensitiveness among the people failing to comply govt. regulations / social obligation. 
Considering this as an awareness blog, I hope to present some real case studies and solutions. Hope to see a largely inventive participation in form of replies.

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