Dec 12, 2013

Just Breeze Along !

What is it with Cock-tails; not many people have it regularly but still it manages to upkeep the charm indefinitely. Seriously, many people would peep into the Menu, have a curious look into Cocktail part of it only to order regular Whiskey,Rum or Beer! I am not sure what is it , if not fear of venturing into unwanted territory but then why to think of it and spending time to read all that stufft first.
Anyhow, for the dummies, Bacardi is one of the most used cocktails over the world and is in the list of IBA ( International Bartender Association) , Mojito , Pina-Colada , Martini &  Mai-Tai being other popular names.
The recipes may be found at many of online resources ( Internet is floundered with those) for those who love DIY.
And please get this right ..Bacardi is a cocktail ! and you love it..ain’t you ?
CranberryI can say this because you do work you ( as in Gym) so that you can have it ( Such work out is commonly called as BaCardio) .
As a part of that BaCardio , you Breeze along the road , shoot the breeze with strangers ( Involve in Ba’Kar) and make connections to breeze through life easily.
As a part of that BaCardio you cheers along , sound of which is not lost in space but resides.. in our hearts maybe!
You love it for those indefinite unique Cheers and happy faces that come across to you in your memory…ain’t you? and even if you say you don’t love it, I will interpret that you are actually missing it or else can not have it for some reason that will make you sulk if you disclose.

Sorry to have to Breeze off .. none the less keep enjoying and Breeze through life (Even The Batman Guy is working same!)

P.S. - If you ever get to read this , don't forget to enjoy it best with Bacardi Breezer - Cranberry; the lovely and Sparkling one!
Written for Indiblogger contest as a part of Team Cranberry.

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