Oct 28, 2013

Oct 4, 2013

Face of Facebook and other Social Sites

"Is your Facebook identity synonyms with your own?"
Like or Dislike.. u still got it!

Our actions largely relate ourselves with the social environment we are part of. Facebook status and photo update, no exceptions; somehow are reflection of the thought circle a society possess and may not truly reflect individual's own idea of things.
Irony is that social media somehow have the ways to control how one feels about other person. That is why personal profiling on web has become so important these days. Personal profiling involves manipulation of your characteristics to a certain degree and we can safely assume that its target is to control the way audience perceives you.
A largely expressive society of facebook enthusiasts might contains bunch of super freak people who would love to post the pictures of first date before it actually happened (unfortunately we can't foresee our future) and the excitement culminates only with the comments and like you get. The more like and comments you get, better you feel. The mushy-mushy feeling of Love is lost in excitement and anticipation of facebook comments. No doubt facebook is doing wonders but do we really want to see this?
Sometimes it comes as a booster for a weary soul. I wonder if there are actually cases where a pain in heart kinda breakup turned into a simple “Move on" just by observing the number of likes and comment you got on your recent profile picture. That clearly is an example whereby actual human interactions are replaced by virtual presence of human in form of online media profile.

With the increase penetration of social media, changing lifestyle and personal interactions are eventually being replaced with social media hangouts.  While the social media applications offer a fast track and easy option to remain connected and exchange ideas, it is yet to be seen if it would bring a radical change to the idea of social gathering and interactions. 

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