May 22, 2013

As good as it gets ? - Story about ignoring warning signs

Sometimes back while glancing the newspaper , I could see the word " COALGATE " has all been in the limelight yet.Its an irony that the coined word "Coalgate" somehow sounds similar to Colgate. It drew my attention to back into my childhood days when I saw Shree 420 ( Mr.420) in which Rajkapoor  tries to sell Powdered Coal for cleaning teeth.Later he was beaten by mob for not providing good enough teeth cleaning powder.
Oral hygine is an important part of our life cycle alas we only realize when the damage has been already done.

From my living experiences I can tell for east asian countries such as Japan and Korea , it is an essential part of daily cycle to brush after each meal.I did not go much on how much effective it is however it was largely on the type of food they have (raw meat ).

Apart from the abovementioned people , I personally don't know many persons here who actually have an inclination towrads cleaning teeth twice or for that matter even gargle before getting into bed at night.
Taking myself into account , it occured to me no lesser than good 10 yrs of adult life to self realize the importance of it only after when I observed that a gap between the front teeth has started to begin. This was awkward for it was one of the sign that despite of best efforts I have failed to provide good enough protection to my teeth. That was a flashback of Mr.420.
I consulted my doctor and she said it is okay to have it this way with time and asked if I brush twice for which I replied with a big confident  " yes" as if I wanted to ask her " how can you ask this to me.. I mean ME?.
That was embarassing as I ever hardly did brush twice. So that was life changing moment and I brush twice since than and used floss as well.That has kept me away from bleeding gums as well.

Problem/ Sign
1) Bleeding Gums
2) Bad Breath
3) Visible Gap between teeth
Prevention :
1) Observe more of your dental health
2) Don't ignore the Signs i.e. Bleeding gums , devloping gap between teeth , bad breath etc.

The world has changed and so the meaning of words.
The two may sound similar but the COALGATE and Colgate are world apart.

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May 13, 2013

One person many stories


Seashore footprints

asking oneself
what is your own story

Gentle breeze 
her hair wave
many strands many stories

Hearing Fairy tales 
to Telling fairy tales
Long story cut short

For : Haiku Heights Prompt "STORY"

The world is still beautiful..Isn't it? HomePage

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