Dec 24, 2013

Santa for X-mas

She wore Red
her smile
Greatest Gift Ever!

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Dec 23, 2013

New Year Eve and spoiler Parties

The idea of getting drunk is still facinating and seldom you get time to cherish your dreams. Thought of the fact that you have been pretending to refrain from getting drunk is actually saddening.
With New Year madness almost at verge with all but everyone arranging New Year bash at throw away price (as one of the Poster says ), it is not easy to decide how one should celebrate new Year.
They all come up with a new theme and distract your own idea of getting entertained by manipulating it.
Most of such places offer no proper planning and have bookings in excess. Some of these also promise unlimited Alcohol but actually fail to serve in a manner it should be served. Do stay away from these lucrative ads and check it throughly with the event manager.

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Dec 12, 2013

Just Breeze Along !

What is it with Cock-tails; not many people have it regularly but still it manages to upkeep the charm indefinitely. Seriously, many people would peep into the Menu, have a curious look into Cocktail part of it only to order regular Whiskey,Rum or Beer! I am not sure what is it , if not fear of venturing into unwanted territory but then why to think of it and spending time to read all that stufft first.
Anyhow, for the dummies, Bacardi is one of the most used cocktails over the world and is in the list of IBA ( International Bartender Association) , Mojito , Pina-Colada , Martini &  Mai-Tai being other popular names.
The recipes may be found at many of online resources ( Internet is floundered with those) for those who love DIY.
And please get this right ..Bacardi is a cocktail ! and you love it..ain’t you ?
CranberryI can say this because you do work you ( as in Gym) so that you can have it ( Such work out is commonly called as BaCardio) .
As a part of that BaCardio , you Breeze along the road , shoot the breeze with strangers ( Involve in Ba’Kar) and make connections to breeze through life easily.
As a part of that BaCardio you cheers along , sound of which is not lost in space but resides.. in our hearts maybe!
You love it for those indefinite unique Cheers and happy faces that come across to you in your memory…ain’t you? and even if you say you don’t love it, I will interpret that you are actually missing it or else can not have it for some reason that will make you sulk if you disclose.

Sorry to have to Breeze off .. none the less keep enjoying and Breeze through life (Even The Batman Guy is working same!)

P.S. - If you ever get to read this , don't forget to enjoy it best with Bacardi Breezer - Cranberry; the lovely and Sparkling one!
Written for Indiblogger contest as a part of Team Cranberry.

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Dec 5, 2013

Cranberries Strings

Remember the Track "The Cranberries -Zombie "?
It is an amazing track which will have a deep impact on you.. I bet!
So next time listen to the song and enjoy it with a Cranberry breezer for a sureshot magical effect!

In continuation to earlier post , I have given one more reason to have it over another and that is : It goes so well with Trance , House and Club Mix. Try with your kind of Music and I would love to hear what you all have to say.

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Nov 29, 2013

Cathing it up with Cranberry !!

For the worldly wisdom , 2% of it's spirit is not something to boast about however the effect it produces, certainly are!
I loved it for -
First , I can hold it and catch a good bit with everyone pretending its just a Mock tail with sparkling color . Color is certainly attractive and I do wonder if they have it in Sparkling Red wine ( In white wine, it is available).
Second , With the soothing effect it produces; one can have more active conversations where one can win arguments with panache without coming out of sophistication of Social Gathering.
Third , or shall it be the first.. It just fits in in all kind of gathering , not to mention that ladies just Love it as on of my DJ friend shared with me.
If above three are good enough reason for you to try it, Just Do it! Else wait and watch us winning and other whining :P


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Nov 11, 2013

Seven Stars not too Far

Thought Machine
Seven Stars forming Question Mark

Haiku #1

Seven stars fill sky
Destiny is drawn
Question mark

Haiku #2
Seven seas
Not too far
Close your eyes

Haiku #3
ecstasy unraveled
Days ends in week

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Oct 28, 2013

Oct 4, 2013

Face of Facebook and other Social Sites

"Is your Facebook identity synonyms with your own?"
Like or Dislike.. u still got it!

Our actions largely relate ourselves with the social environment we are part of. Facebook status and photo update, no exceptions; somehow are reflection of the thought circle a society possess and may not truly reflect individual's own idea of things.
Irony is that social media somehow have the ways to control how one feels about other person. That is why personal profiling on web has become so important these days. Personal profiling involves manipulation of your characteristics to a certain degree and we can safely assume that its target is to control the way audience perceives you.
A largely expressive society of facebook enthusiasts might contains bunch of super freak people who would love to post the pictures of first date before it actually happened (unfortunately we can't foresee our future) and the excitement culminates only with the comments and like you get. The more like and comments you get, better you feel. The mushy-mushy feeling of Love is lost in excitement and anticipation of facebook comments. No doubt facebook is doing wonders but do we really want to see this?
Sometimes it comes as a booster for a weary soul. I wonder if there are actually cases where a pain in heart kinda breakup turned into a simple “Move on" just by observing the number of likes and comment you got on your recent profile picture. That clearly is an example whereby actual human interactions are replaced by virtual presence of human in form of online media profile.

With the increase penetration of social media, changing lifestyle and personal interactions are eventually being replaced with social media hangouts.  While the social media applications offer a fast track and easy option to remain connected and exchange ideas, it is yet to be seen if it would bring a radical change to the idea of social gathering and interactions. 

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Sep 2, 2013

Haiku : Best kept Secret

Guardian of peace
Use warfare beneath
Peace is owned

Foolishness of past
Best kept secret
Bright light ahead

For : Haiku Heights Prompt "Guardian"

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May 22, 2013

As good as it gets ? - Story about ignoring warning signs

Sometimes back while glancing the newspaper , I could see the word " COALGATE " has all been in the limelight yet.Its an irony that the coined word "Coalgate" somehow sounds similar to Colgate. It drew my attention to back into my childhood days when I saw Shree 420 ( Mr.420) in which Rajkapoor  tries to sell Powdered Coal for cleaning teeth.Later he was beaten by mob for not providing good enough teeth cleaning powder.
Oral hygine is an important part of our life cycle alas we only realize when the damage has been already done.

From my living experiences I can tell for east asian countries such as Japan and Korea , it is an essential part of daily cycle to brush after each meal.I did not go much on how much effective it is however it was largely on the type of food they have (raw meat ).

Apart from the abovementioned people , I personally don't know many persons here who actually have an inclination towrads cleaning teeth twice or for that matter even gargle before getting into bed at night.
Taking myself into account , it occured to me no lesser than good 10 yrs of adult life to self realize the importance of it only after when I observed that a gap between the front teeth has started to begin. This was awkward for it was one of the sign that despite of best efforts I have failed to provide good enough protection to my teeth. That was a flashback of Mr.420.
I consulted my doctor and she said it is okay to have it this way with time and asked if I brush twice for which I replied with a big confident  " yes" as if I wanted to ask her " how can you ask this to me.. I mean ME?.
That was embarassing as I ever hardly did brush twice. So that was life changing moment and I brush twice since than and used floss as well.That has kept me away from bleeding gums as well.

Problem/ Sign
1) Bleeding Gums
2) Bad Breath
3) Visible Gap between teeth
Prevention :
1) Observe more of your dental health
2) Don't ignore the Signs i.e. Bleeding gums , devloping gap between teeth , bad breath etc.

The world has changed and so the meaning of words.
The two may sound similar but the COALGATE and Colgate are world apart.

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May 13, 2013

One person many stories


Seashore footprints

asking oneself
what is your own story

Gentle breeze 
her hair wave
many strands many stories

Hearing Fairy tales 
to Telling fairy tales
Long story cut short

For : Haiku Heights Prompt "STORY"

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Apr 17, 2013

Stigma and fame

It is not impossible to see people using disgrace as a face to fame for history tell that people have longed fame for afterages.
Moreover depression is so insidious, and it compounds daily, that it's impossible to ever see the end.

Glutted with unknown contempt
Dark evil rise past humanity
Society feels the heat of destruction

For : Haiku Heights

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Mar 20, 2013

Life like a Bubble

Life like this
Sad Bubble
Life Sometimes is like a bubble...
The only thing one can do is Just watch it flow
For ,if you try to play,it might blow
So watch it flow

The anger will subside and hope will rise
Love will bloom to soothe senses
Only if you watch it flow
So do not play with it else it'll blow

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Feb 13, 2013

Baby Just Dive in

If you go with the flow
floating on the surface without a blow
Ain't you successful ?

Is it worth going against the wind ?
Which might get you glory or risk you failure

Don't bogged down with it , As the following lyrics say --
" You can only sink or swim , baby just dive in"

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Feb 12, 2013

Feb 5, 2013

Haiku: Pricey Pride


Warfare , Bombshells, smoky sky
Soldiers die
Civilians to have martyr's Pride


Hazel blushing eyes
captivating him
Of Beauty, she takes Pride

For : Haiku Heights

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Jan 29, 2013

♫♪ LET ME BE ♫♪

Every time
i have shared with you
You make me
feel like
no one else can do...
Just by
looking in your eyes
i forget about everything else
So deep is the impact of yours
i loose all my senses...
I cant think of time
without you
Want just nothing much
let me be
all my life around you....
I cherished 
every single moments
i have spend with you
Just living up each day
to only
see you...
Look inside
deep in my heart
you will find
urself there
Just think of me
i will come to get you
from nowhere...
what i m showing is
my love
my feelings
for you
Want just nothing much
let me be
all my life around you....
each day
a way
just to be with you
I don't know about
anyone else
all i know
is you...
Trying to
searching everything
that makes you
feel so high
You are
like that angel
for whom everyone wants to die...
I will always
be there for you
Want just nothing much
let me be
all my life around you... :)
___________________________ ")

Contributed by Mr.LoCo
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Jan 28, 2013

Haiku and get Rescued


Aim to shine with sun
scorned by work
Haiku -1
Rescued by the dusk

shrunken shivering soul
praying to heavens
Spring awaits to begin

For : Haiku Heights
        Poets United

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Jan 22, 2013

Endlessly Dusky

Beautiful Sunset
Sun eaten by earth
Darkness Prevails
Reborn on other day.

Sun on Gravity fall
Dusky sky
Woke up repelling.

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Jan 20, 2013

Whole of Love : My entry for the Get Published contest

@ HarperCollins- Indiblogger. If you  “LIKE”  please vote  AT THIS LINK :  !  
Story Idea :
She yearned for a happy family, united through faith and love. This is no big deal, for many other girls have this one in their wishy- book at least once before the threshold of time comes (marriage on mind). Interestingly she had no or little faith in institution of arranged marriage.
She had waited for him to come online for last three days after accepting his request just because he had liked same cultural community as she did and wore an army print half-pant in his profile picture. The curiosity was governing her and he did come online once to tease her.
Will she like him?
He was an intellectual pervert and had less than average EQ to be taken as an acceptable lover. The mind over matter lad was eluded by fancy love till the late teenage, and adolescence took him as too seriously to focus on meager matters of love.
He was spending almost endless nights watching movies and documentaries which largely relate to the matter of heart. The night he sent her request, which by the way was first he ever sent to any girl, was under influence of a Korean movie which he watched with sub-titles. The next day he wanted to forget the guilt of not being accepted and was almost over it when she accepted it after 2 days. When he joined her for chat, he was disturbing his routine of watching those carefully chosen movies which reminded him of his fancy love and equally helped him to carve it down on his brain cell’s canvas. The Fancy love which he could describe so vividly was approaching him?
Will she like him? ....He was not even a bit bothered about it when they chatted for first time. Usually he does fairly well with strangers but they did not chatted like strangers .They chatted grossly, the first time they chatted each other , only to realize later on other  day that hardly they know each other .
For him, nights were adultered by thoughts of her as they chatted on a regular basis. Now after a yearlong of net-worthy relationship they still don’t know each other’s name but it was working!
What were they talking?
Did they merely exchange ideas in unreal world? Did they ever met and look face to face in each other’s eye or they were destined to retain quasi-static relationship.
With the answers of above questions and among others, the story will also give you insight how people procreate ideas in a collaborative world and how love can provide stimuli or act as one.

What makes this story real:
Connected to life related incidents those will surely put one through surreal world of reality. It is inspired from those moments which most of us have experienced but kept personal. I hope it will be a tender touch to reader’s soul.Thesocial aspects of love and relationships are also in context to contemporary widespread knowledge of media resources.
@ HarperCollins- Indiblogger. If you  “LIKE”  please vote  AT THIS LINK :  !  
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This is my entry for the HarperCollins–IndiBlogger Get Published contest, which is run with inputs fromYashodhara Lal and HarperCollins India.

Jan 16, 2013

Haiku - Before its too late !

For the death shall come and before it comes
wouldn't u conquer it by living for love!

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