Dec 27, 2012

Christmas Breeze ...

Merry ChristmasJust when I start coping up with no long working disorder , holiday appears. This one provides just sufficient time to indulge in alot of anticipations (for new year) , expectations , planning and lazying around. I do make un-necessary calls to people which they like or at least I think they like (mean it is!).
With the Christmas is all around message spread by the cold wind , One really doesn't plan big on travelling which is actually good to come out with out of box ideas like finding the New year resolution for next to next year because by then I would have been prepared to actually implement one .
The next one hour I will spend thinking who The best Santa could be out of the following -
1. Govt. made Santa
2. Self made Santa
Also I wish Santa doesn't get stuck in traffic jam...necessary for timely delivery of gifts!
The festival provides to taste the best plum cakes around, absolutely fresh and mouthwatering.
I also got to know that there are actually bakeries which bake your own created mixture so one can get creative.
Merry X-mas...

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May 20, 2012

Roman of Russia Conquers his dream

Where : Allianz Arena Stadium  , Munich
When : 19th May ( History Now)

Chelsea Fan
Chelsea flag , Waving high
With the winning penalty kick of Drogba, Chelsea's all hopes of European Glory were summed up and so were the dreams of Roman Abrhmovich.They had won the UEFA Champions League.
Roman has been patiently investing in the club since the takeover in 2003 and the Night of 19th may well tasted him the fruits of patience.He must be remebering his 24 million invested on Drogba as the best investment ever he made.
Abramovich may not be the perfect owner but his association with the club proves one thing, The belief he had in his Club ( alas not the Managers).This is inspiring how he chased his interest in Football and continued the belief.
Indeed ..Life is about belief and trust!!!

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Jan 26, 2012

Happy Republic Day 2012

Hope to liberate and fly.. freedom comes at a cost
When I look back a year back, alot hasn't changed but the spirit remains the same. The undying spirit of hope that tells us with each breath that -- Yes ,we can!!
On a day before of republic day, I preferred to listen Mr.Obama's state of Union address than to reach office at regular time and since then I am left wondering weather one of our flagbearer can deliver such an address from Red-fort?
My heart answered "yes , we can".
On the eve of republic day, I was listening to our political cadre making speech and not to mention, just like each republic day, my hope subdued to the level that I fell asleep. Next day I woke up, came out in my balcony and saw those little kids bearing national flag sign pinned to their pocket, my faith in hope reinforced and my heart spoke to me,
Yes, we can!!
Yes, we can!!
Yes, we can have a nation where hard work pays off , where team work is rewarded and individuals go ahead working together.
I certainly feel a bit better keeping this hope inside.
The day ends, and I get ready to watch Aarakhashan ( The Movie) and then sleep with the hope of having a new shining bright upcoming day!!
Good Night People(Specifically people belonging India)!

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