Jun 29, 2010

A Shattered Italian Dream... Fading colors of Azzurri

Date : 24th June 25, 2010

Venue : Johannesburg , Ellis Park

The final whistle blew leaving the score line read 3-2 in favour of Slovakia,  Italy disappointed and mad about football Italians must be trying to accept the fact that the players will have to return back to early from SA.
Italians, though, do disappointment well, with a touch of Latin charm. They don't turn nasty, like the English used to when they lost. The hurt is real. But there's a fatalism behind the anger - especially in the south. Such is life; they seem to say with a shrug of the shoulders. As a young priest put it - watching in despair with a group of children on a church-run summer camp: "We won it in 2006; it's someone else's turn this year."
For a side undemonstrative of its real strength in WC , the people of Italy may be a little phlegmatic but the emotions are not hard to understand.

I guess an early exit from world cup will pave the way for a new formation of Azzurri with more young forwards, Midfielders and the defenders too including the GK .
The world is still beautiful.. ain't it ?


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