Apr 5, 2010

Why have you forsaken me ??

You are the only one, about whom I feel this way
I will never ever leave you till death part me away
You are like my baby

And you make me realize what I am to you

Im candy to everyone's eye still so trivial to you
Dont know what you want in me
What you are searching for
May be I dont have what you are looking for

Won't ever let anything hurt you
It will have to first go through me

I can take anything for you
I can do things that no one can dare to do
Just give me a chance I own
I will show it to you

No matter
How far how away you are from me
I bet it'll be hard for you to erase my memory

Hate me or shun me
I'll neva bother or stalk you
Will give you best of me and all I have for you
One thing I wanna have you clear
I am waiting n ready to have you...Ant time any where

Contributed by : Mr LoCo
Adulteration is necessity of art ...apologies Mr LoCo for adulteration in form of tiny lil proof reading :)
The world is still beautiful..Isn't it?


Himanshu said...

Mind Blowing

anamika said...

Hey buddy u r nt some1 who cn be foraken so easily............

Niharika said...

so touchyyy...makes me cry...taking me into past....really luv it...dnt knw y ppl fall in luv...LUV mostly sucks,, it's a pain dat has no name...:(

Niharika said...

but sitaaron se aagey jahan aur bhi hai.....life calls you...n yes life is still beautiful...:)

Pooja said...

beautiful words...love hurts...yes it does..this 'one word' kills...

Manish said...

:).. thts the way it is :)

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