Mar 20, 2010

Who is He ? (Part 1 of 2)

My male protagonist finds himself perplexed whenever hez asked questions like " temme smthing abt urselves?". So he hired me to write his sketch of character which truly reflects the essence of his personality.
Why me: coz I know him more than anybody else !!
here it goes ---

If u dont know me , I'll be the guy to help you to u'stand me and subsequently yourselves. Know me better and you will know more about yourselves.Had I been american I would have been a republican. With a german nationality I wud have claimed myselves conmfortably anti nazist. A soviet anti red tapist.A hindu and a hindustani w/o a doubt.
I can think beyond the boundaries of nation.I will agree to those who say that it takes lifetime to know onselves, only if they tell me how long the lifetime is.In case they aint able to tell... I am the guy who is ready to tell them what cud make their lifetime.
Profesionally I help my clients to know me better and generate my business that way only. I help them to choose whtz good for them and what is better.More likely they will u'stand me and if not, they will make there way w/o telling me. There goes a philosophy which tells the same results can be achieved in two different ways .. none of them are lesser good and both are right depending upon which state of mood you do the things.We remain in harmony whichever way the deal goes.

The world is still beautiful..Isn't it?

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