Mar 13, 2010

Chase and Dream : Women Reservation Bill Drama

Backdrop1 :Oscar’s ceremony  was on air, broadcasted live from Kodak Theatre and covered by major news channels
Backdrop2 : International Women’s day , News papers floundered with advert showing discounts and special offers for the fairer sex, making women feel that this is just a little gesture in return to what they have offered to world( pleased even if  they are hard to please ).
Backdrop3: Women Reservation bill to be put in parliament..historic moment ! Emphasizing the fact that women are still part of suppressed part of society and something still need to be done to empower them. First step , many miles to go !!
Situation ::
  1. Sandra Bullock wins oscar for best female actress and male actor( reservation), George Clooney is standstill, appreciates the beauty of parity parameters set up by democratic system to empower women ( Sandra Bullock never won it before)
  2. Lalu opposes the bill having fully used such a situation by running a puppet show on Rabri.
Few wise man chased the dream to bring social equality in society , while women stopped dreaming about the same. Few chased other dreamed … attained nothing !!
World is still Beautiful …isn’t it ?

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