Dec 31, 2010

And now that you are gone..I wanna be with you

Just the lyrics of a b'ful song it may sound , but much more in context of year almost gone by. It has been a memorable year for me, when I have actually started to observe things w.r.t. timeline.
1.The rains that satiated to the soul and still pouring while I drench , the cold breeze that blew in hot summers  and the warmth underneath the quilt while sipping ginger tea.
2.Record breaking Black Eyed Peas, my newly discovered longing for listening scorpions and the heart touching John Mayor. It's worth mentioning that I got dis-disillusioned from trance a little bit however still a plenty left to take me high on a Friday night.
3.Chelsea winning the Premier League along with FA cup , Nadal superbly winning French open, Wimbledon and US open. I always admired both Chelsea and Nadal. (Sachin Tendulkar has always been wonderful )
4. Frequent trips to Aligarh and time spent with family and friends.Specially after getting married ( big deal !!...Im a novice) , its almost unmanageable to meet all but comforting to keep trying. ( coping with it !!) 

6............  and the list is real long.

I am sure the year(almost) left some real good experiences in hands and memories in our minds. Thinking all of this makes me to sing those pretty lines of the song again -- " And now that ur gone, I wanna be wid you.."

Wishing You all a Very Very Happy New Year 2011 !!!
The world is still beautiful..Isn't it?
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Oct 19, 2010

World : The way it meant to be !

“The Universe was considered to be a unity, in which everything had its definite place, and it was the perfect work of God.
Since any imperfection was regarded as the work not of God, but of man………” (Medieval belief)

It means we can not sit back watching and believing - “what is happening is happening for good…and so on”. As a human we must learn to take responsibility of the disorder caused in society and subsequently act to creating a balance and calm in the society which would have been perfect, had we followed the way God meant it to work.

Note: Mortal sins, such as Jealousy, worldly ambition, revenge, are the cause of the disorder.
The world is still beautiful.. ain't it ?

Oct 5, 2010

Article by Richard Branson

Read an article by Richard Branson. It is about weather doing business with friend is a rational decision or a thing to be avoided.
His idea is superb in this regard. According to him, it is encouraged to do business with friends however if the things go sour in business, one must know how to handle the situation so that it does not worsen the relationship. This might be achieved by sitting together, making up mind to face the things and acting together to counter them. If at all it requires separation on business term, welcome it.
Now, this kind of solution might work when the business lines is predefined for each partner. To part ways is very difficult because following
  1. Emotional factors.
  2. Forming consensus on how the business will be divided is likely to be an uphill task.
Beside of all this, looking forward for the things coming next and counter corrective measures will surely help than wasting time over the things that won’t yield much.  

The world is still beautiful..Isn't it?

Sep 22, 2010

♫♪ LET ME BE ♫♪

Every time everything I have shared with you
You make me feel like
No one else can do

Just by looking in your eyes
I forget about everything else

So deep is the impact of yours
I loose all my senses
I cant think of time without you
Want just nothing much

Let Me Be
All my life around you....

( To be continued )

Sep 12, 2010

Love Love Love

Love is a temple
Love is a higher law
Love says to enter
and make you crawl
Love makes you feel
Love makes you blind
and Love makes you kneel
Love holds the control (and there is nothing you can do about it)
Love shades the heart and touches the soul
Love is inherent
Love ordains you to follow
Love Guides and shows the way

Love is religion
Love is god !

P.S. ---->> Some root definitions are which will help to
Religion : An institution to express belief in a divine power
god : supernatural of such superior qualities that he seems like a deity to other people

Jun 29, 2010

A Shattered Italian Dream... Fading colors of Azzurri

Date : 24th June 25, 2010

Venue : Johannesburg , Ellis Park

The final whistle blew leaving the score line read 3-2 in favour of Slovakia,  Italy disappointed and mad about football Italians must be trying to accept the fact that the players will have to return back to early from SA.
Italians, though, do disappointment well, with a touch of Latin charm. They don't turn nasty, like the English used to when they lost. The hurt is real. But there's a fatalism behind the anger - especially in the south. Such is life; they seem to say with a shrug of the shoulders. As a young priest put it - watching in despair with a group of children on a church-run summer camp: "We won it in 2006; it's someone else's turn this year."
For a side undemonstrative of its real strength in WC , the people of Italy may be a little phlegmatic but the emotions are not hard to understand.

I guess an early exit from world cup will pave the way for a new formation of Azzurri with more young forwards, Midfielders and the defenders too including the GK .
The world is still beautiful.. ain't it ?

Apr 27, 2010

Emotional Atyachaar ... rise n fall

Im (Ryan) kinda drowning into sea of emotions and the ride is so shaky.. but Im still balanced

At least .. could pen it on paper :)

In the midst of emotional turmoil
The seed of harmony germinate
Not easy though
some one has to sow
Soaking water from tears
It sprouts making the shell unfoil
The dream to rise unfolds .....

P.S. -- I wanna feel emotions but not guided by them :)
The world is still beautiful..Isn't it?

Apr 15, 2010

Purveyor of my thoughts

Strange as it sound
I did also spend time wondering
whoz is sending chills to my spine up down

The purveyor of my thoughts
ohhh.. i ve got wings to fly
Its not seventh heaven but its still high
The panorama beholds me
n its a b'ful sight

May be I know how its like to be into it
Timeline shrinks and distances kill
Togetherness sends the chill

Looking into sky I see
why this sight was never ever before me?

The world is still beautiful..Isn't it?

Apr 5, 2010

Why have you forsaken me ??

You are the only one, about whom I feel this way
I will never ever leave you till death part me away
You are like my baby

And you make me realize what I am to you

Im candy to everyone's eye still so trivial to you
Dont know what you want in me
What you are searching for
May be I dont have what you are looking for

Won't ever let anything hurt you
It will have to first go through me

I can take anything for you
I can do things that no one can dare to do
Just give me a chance I own
I will show it to you

No matter
How far how away you are from me
I bet it'll be hard for you to erase my memory

Hate me or shun me
I'll neva bother or stalk you
Will give you best of me and all I have for you
One thing I wanna have you clear
I am waiting n ready to have you...Ant time any where

Contributed by : Mr LoCo
Adulteration is necessity of art ...apologies Mr LoCo for adulteration in form of tiny lil proof reading :)
The world is still beautiful..Isn't it?

Mar 20, 2010

Who is He ? (Part 1 of 2)

My male protagonist finds himself perplexed whenever hez asked questions like " temme smthing abt urselves?". So he hired me to write his sketch of character which truly reflects the essence of his personality.
Why me: coz I know him more than anybody else !!
here it goes ---

If u dont know me , I'll be the guy to help you to u'stand me and subsequently yourselves. Know me better and you will know more about yourselves.Had I been american I would have been a republican. With a german nationality I wud have claimed myselves conmfortably anti nazist. A soviet anti red tapist.A hindu and a hindustani w/o a doubt.
I can think beyond the boundaries of nation.I will agree to those who say that it takes lifetime to know onselves, only if they tell me how long the lifetime is.In case they aint able to tell... I am the guy who is ready to tell them what cud make their lifetime.
Profesionally I help my clients to know me better and generate my business that way only. I help them to choose whtz good for them and what is better.More likely they will u'stand me and if not, they will make there way w/o telling me. There goes a philosophy which tells the same results can be achieved in two different ways .. none of them are lesser good and both are right depending upon which state of mood you do the things.We remain in harmony whichever way the deal goes.

The world is still beautiful..Isn't it?

Mar 13, 2010

Chase and Dream : Women Reservation Bill Drama

Backdrop1 :Oscar’s ceremony  was on air, broadcasted live from Kodak Theatre and covered by major news channels
Backdrop2 : International Women’s day , News papers floundered with advert showing discounts and special offers for the fairer sex, making women feel that this is just a little gesture in return to what they have offered to world( pleased even if  they are hard to please ).
Backdrop3: Women Reservation bill to be put in parliament..historic moment ! Emphasizing the fact that women are still part of suppressed part of society and something still need to be done to empower them. First step , many miles to go !!
Situation ::
  1. Sandra Bullock wins oscar for best female actress and male actor( reservation), George Clooney is standstill, appreciates the beauty of parity parameters set up by democratic system to empower women ( Sandra Bullock never won it before)
  2. Lalu opposes the bill having fully used such a situation by running a puppet show on Rabri.
Few wise man chased the dream to bring social equality in society , while women stopped dreaming about the same. Few chased other dreamed … attained nothing !!
World is still Beautiful …isn’t it ?

Feb 24, 2010

Sleepy Thought

Rising Sun blinding my eyes
Iwoke up with a big surprise
Wondered if I slept in open space counting stars
Or I was besotted and thrown out of pre-paid Car
May be I fell down after the booze in town bar
Reality checks in soon to tell
Wake up, its morning bell !!
**** I dont sleep to dream ****

The world is still beautiful..Isn't it?

UEFA Team of the Year

For your kind attention :)
The users' Team of the Year 2009 is:

Iker Casillas (Real Madrid); Daniel Alves (Barcelona), John Terry (Chelsea), Carles Puyol (Barcelona), Patrice Evra (Manchester United); Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United/Real Madrid), Xavi Hernández (Barcelona), Kaká (AC Milan/Real Madrid), Andrés Iniesta (Barcelona); Lionel Messi (Barcelona), Zlatan Ibrahimović (Internazionale Milano/Barcelona). Coach: Josep Guardiola (Barcelona).

The world is still beautiful..Isn't it?

Jan 28, 2010

Goggle gets you on the Pitch..less the tkt money :).. 3D-TV-sports-broadcast

Seeing is believing and what if when you get to see your fav sport in 3-D .. that too LIVE!!
And if its a big screen,more likely you will imagine yourself not far from the pitch..
read this article --
"Fans at nine pubs in London, Manchester, Cardiff, Edinburgh, and Dublin will don shades to become the first audiences anywhere in the world to watch live 3D sport."
It will be Arsenal Vs ManU ... coming saturday!!
Gonna be a mouthwatering treat for ppl watching it :)

Londenrz.. u are lucky ppl !!
herez the link for more info --

The world is still beautiful..Isn't it?

Jan 15, 2010

An Idiot to miss 3 Idiot ?

For few days I am bugged with the hype of 3 Idiots and bugged with questions that so many people have asked me for how could I miss this flick… Makes me feel so pathetic!!

Meanwhile I am still thinking to give it a thought, here are my top 5, very plausible excuses according to me that I brought to counter “WTF …havn’t u watched? “ question --
1. I think I’ll be like a earthworm creeping my way to theatre n then by the time I reach thr , I wud have  missed the show I intended to watch !!
2. I’m too tired to take my virtual girlfriend to movie (she cries a lot) and then she’ll still cry If she gets to know if I went without her!!
3. I will have to watch it thrice to understand it completely coz I can take only 1 idiot at a time.. and watching thrice in a row will even be more idiotic than the movie itself(probably).
4. Movie cast don’t have Priyanka Chopra so Is it optional for me to watch ?
5. I’ve already heard the story in bits n pieces and I like Jigsaw puzzle .. so I created my own story out of it and don’t wanna be challenged for its correctness..huh

Now to be nice and fair… I never wanted to miss this one and there is a dearth of pretty excuse for me to justify it so I am learning to cope up with nagging mob ..
How about AVATAR and Pyar Impossible guys?

The world is still beautiful..Isn't it?

Jan 3, 2010

Happy New Year 2010 !!

Hi !!
Wish you all a very happy new year..
Well...a day forward to new year (from 31st dec to 1st jan) wont change the things around drastically however it might drastically change the spirits so that we might take on the challanges in a better way !!
I recently read some proverb which deciphered to --
" I wish I meet with thirst everytime coz thn only i will search n find water...without the thrist I wont seek water n long for it.. "
Guess I need to find my thirst first...thn i'll find my way..infact Im already on the WAY!!

The world is still beautiful..Isn't it?

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