Nov 9, 2009

Diamonds are forever

Chelsea 1 - 0 Man Utd .... Thats what the final score read after 90+5 entertaining minutes of highly professional football at Stamford bridge.Perheps Man U played best football of thr season and shook a little of Diamond formation of Chelsea , still Chelsea hold the control of game and did well enough in defence....
Sir Alex , as usual fuming at the referee... so nothing new about it.
I wonder why a man like him always remain unhappy about the things that do happen in football...अभी तक आदत नहीं पड़ी क्या ??
anyways.. next week thr is no major league match so i will have to find something else to keep me entertained in that slot of time...
Redesigning this blog wont be a bad idea??

The world is still beautiful..Isn't it?

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