May 28, 2009

Where ROME was lost and won: UEFA champions league

The last time I wrote for this.. Man U came out as winner. They were the winner amongs equal,the other side being Chelsea.That result was neither a
great sight for the russian(Owner of Chelsea) nor to myself specially when they loose title in Russia itself.This time the better, the fanatstic and the beautiful came out to held hand on the glitzy Champions league trophy.Barca stick to the plans they are best at.. maintained possession , made fine passes and were great in midfield.
Xavi and Ineista were no lesser to Man U , electrifying Messi( Man of the Match) was also instrumental.ManU experimented with the formation only to get unbalanced . The Ronaldo effect was subdued by lack of support from midfield.Infact Barca won it more in midfield itself.
Rome was not that thundurous blame it to majority of complacent ManU supporters who only came to watch an anticipated victory and could not inspire and motivate their side up in the downturn when ManU were lagging after 10 mins.
btw I like one banner reading " If I hadn't seen such riches, I could live with being poor'.
The Silverware is waiting to be won and owned at wembly( 30th may, FA cup)... Hope this comes as perfect send off for Guss Hiddink.

The world is still beautiful..Isn't it?

May 1, 2009

'Safe' climate means no to coal

'Safe' climate means 'no to coal'
Coal is one of the largest contributor to CO2 emissions along with fossil fuels.It took us 250 years to burn the first half trillion of it , and on current projections we'll burn the next half trillion in less than 40 years.About three-quarters of the world's fossil fuel reserves must be left unused if society is to avoid dangerous climate change, scientists warn.More than 100 nations support the goal of keeping temperature rise below 2C. But the scientists say that without major curbs on fossil fuel use, 2C will probably be reached by 2050. Writing in Nature, they say politicians should focus on limiting humanity's total output of CO2 rather than setting a "safe" level for annual emissions. "To avoid dangerous climate change, we will have to limit the total amount of carbon we inject into the atmosphere, not just the emission rate in any given year,"The UN climate convention, agreed at the 1992 Rio Earth Summit, commits countries to avoiding "dangerous" climate change, without defining what that is.Last week saw the publication of data showing that industrialised countries' collective emissions rose by about 1% during 2007.

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