Nov 16, 2008

eco friendly Mr.Bond?

Bob Simmons as James Bond in the gun barrel se...Image via Wikipedia Against the official report of shrinking economy in europe, people cant resist to spend on watching latest british secret service agent flick namely QUANTAM OF SOLACE.But thr are certain thghs that baffle me after watching the movie--
Why bond has been turned into a ruthless serial killer of whoever comes in the way(from stylish gentleman perfecting the art of pretending)..and much concerned about water supplies to Bolivia.While oil becomes the gold of era ...water is the new (as depicted).May be someone has mentored him after the water shower scene in CASINO ROYALE.We really need to think if Bond really is going green ; at least not with those fuel guzzler cars and explosives that generate fugitive emissions.Seems the trend for new gen good guys is to act BADD!Expecting a better Bond movie next time...

The world is still beautiful..Isn't it?

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