May 26, 2008

Book review,synopsys : Veronika decides to die by Paulo Coelho

Its an story of 24 year old girl Veronika who decides to commit suicide due to some inexplicable reasons. She was having a happy life, boyfriends and people caring for her.Still she decides to end her life by taking excess dose of sleeping pills.
As she chose to court death to life and waited for it to come, she read an article in a magazine which starts with " where is slovenia" which in turn makes her think about her own existense. But her suicide attemp fails and she woke up finding herself only to be alive in a metal hospital, Villete .
She is told to have left with a week of life because of the damage she has done with her heart.
Her presence there affects other patients in the hospital and veronika also starts taking interest in life as she came closer to each of them.She started living the rest of the days to the fullest and felt happy among mad peoples world .. She wondered why the insanely world call them mad?
She falls in love with a eduard who equally reciprocated the same feeling and despite suffering from disease, acted humanly normal.
In the end she along with eduard manages to escape Villete without dieing ( It had never happend before that any patient got out of Villete well and alive ). She came to know that the doctor lied her about one week life left situation , proclaiming it a way of treatment.

There is one of the many lines I liked ---
"Thousands of years of civilization had made of suicide a taboo, an affront to all religious codes: manstruggles to survive, not to succumb. The human race must procreate. Society needsworkers. A couple has to have a reason to stay together, even when love has ceased to exist,and a country needs soldiers, politicians and artists."

I just wrote the synopsis.. cud have written the whole story but then.. it wont be as enjoyable as Paulo Coehlo made it.
The movie is also awaited on this novel.. scheduled to be released in 2009. If you miss to read the novel.. I guess it make a complete sense to watch the movie!!
have a nice time....

The world is still beautiful..Isn't it?

May 21, 2008

Champions League Final


The first All english title for champions league is over and the winner has also been decided by the destiny :) . Man Utd have turned out to be the winner.Though Chelsea played great football but that was not enough to create history for them and thus be the London's first club to win Champions League Title. I bet you guys.. Sir Alex know how to play the cards and this is something Chelsea manager( Avaram Grant) still need to learn.

Leave the game behind and lets talk about the money involved... The title is worth 5.6 million pound!! and with all the sponserships and endorsements it has been speculated that the financial benefit could amount to 15 times higher ...that's whopping amount. The final itself is estimated to make an 210 million pound impact on cash flow.

Anyway, whatever be the money involved the players and Fans made sure that the beautiful game stays b'ful!


May 5, 2008

Champions League final Chelsea Vs Man Utd

Back CHELSEA... they are at their best !
what are the chances of thr winning Champions league--
1- 100 %
who do u back??

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