Apr 8, 2008

The ideal day !

It was getting cold outside... n since our male protagnist prefers to walk in moderate cold, he makes his way outside. Though he wasn't in a pretty cheerful mood but there was somthing in the blinking Neon lights across the road which make him forget the resless hours throughout the day he had...he gets in to the city's subway, the stairs looked too many to him n he prefers escalators instead to get him down. There wasn't too many people waiting and the train arrived , he could see the space to sit inside. As he gets inside he saw someone holding a smoothi( which boasted "any other smoothi will bend down") in her hand. Though some what distracted , laughingly he moved ahead. By the time there was no place to be sitted and he know the smoothie moment has made him to stand . To the next station it got crowdy and he was made to compromise on his space which he slightly dislike...... more blog to be added!

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