Mar 30, 2008

What makes it a friday !

The day started with myself getting up unusually late in the morning. It was when the phone rang up and no sooner I cud realize that its AKS calling me down for breakfast. I was ready in no time although missed my breakfast, catch the BUS and Its me...back in the office where I indeed have to tackle some tougest of challenges ( yeah :). The clock ticks 11:30 n its lunchtime. I was having those butterflies in my stomach and after munching some bites of Indian food ( which my friends bring with ) we decided to have Mr.Pizza's pizza instead of Burger King's Burger.Yeah guys.. we do have limited options and Im getting sick of having those Burger meals everyday.Well the Pizza was really good.. like ..better than any other food we could have.Im back on my desk sippin coke.The recent TATA Landrover deal has amassed a lot of public attention and as a consequence I heard my korean collegue telling me how amazed he is to listen this. I thought if its the "poor India " frame that makes him amazed.He pointed out to have seen a lot of TATA vehicles in his trip to Saudi Arabia. That was a piece of information to me.Guys.. I tell ya... TATA sons are really creating a buzz.. the NANO n then this one.While NANO was thought as an effort to lift poor people's spirit to own a Car ( as most so called Rich countries think), This deal is in contrast to NANO is eying the faction of peoples having extravagent monetary resources, those who always catch the trend of luxary.The people who can choose what they want !).now if you were there , you would have probably found me writing this stuff.Infact I would have loved to have you here.
Sehwag has scored a triple... his second n im enjoying it ( highlights)... wish u all also make this weekend happening .. im sure havin some plans up my sleeves.
TC! keep smiling...

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