Mar 30, 2008

Another chance with Nelly!

Another chance with Nelly!
Nelly and Ryan haven't been seeing each other lately and the last time they met was nearly 8 months back. Nelly wanted him to drop her off airport as she was leaving Florida back after vacationing at home during christmas.Ryan too had come from Seattle to home during holidays. He took his silver chevvy and drove fast to her place as he was a couple of minutes late.What happened to you...I was about to call a cab!.. She said furiously.Ryan replied nothing n wheeled her suitcase to car.Same old Ryan...sighed and muttered Nelly.She was worried about security at airport and catching the flight on time. Ryan was in a diffrent mood though.The were not talking much making it awkward. Both of them actually knew they are not going to see each other for long or even forever."I really appreciate you dropping me off... i wouldnt have let just anyone do that" said Nelly."Ohh...dont worry.We'll have plenty of time to a have a burger.. replied Ryan making Nelly to smile.They reached well at time that allowed Ryan to order a Latte for her and Mocha for himself.That's when they actually started talking.Nelly said him to take care of himself which was pretty normal for the circumtrances but the reply was unexpected. Dont worry.. i wont die , Ryan said in a fainted voice , faking a smile .It looks as he preserved it just for this moment.Nelly wasn't expecting the outburst but she pretended not to have listened it and she too smiled...raising her eyes lashes teying to defy all the contortions that might appear on her face together.BUt what he cud see now that all that effort by her is being washed away with a drop of tear that rolled down her soft cheeks (still ?.. the boy wonders ...hehehe). Ryan hugged her tenderly and said goodbye.Wayback to home like he promised himself, not to cry for any other reason as he knows.. this crying is going to last for ever.His road was clear although, its just he never wanted to choose this way. However the case was that he was confused initially and perheps that shreded away the chance he stood in the first place.For a moment,he felt himself more miserable he has ever been.But then he could recall the similar moments with Aaliyyah , Simona and many moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeebye for now n hav fun !

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